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Applying for a Student Pass if you are Malaysian but your child is a Non-Citizen

For Malaysian mothers with children who are not Malaysian citizens, getting their kids to school can be a tedious process which includes applying for a student pass.

While they might have already applied for citizenship in such situations, they are still required to go through the necessary processes to get an education from a government or private school.

Below, we outline the steps required for this process.

If your child is a non-citizen, here are the steps for applying for a Student Pass in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to ensure your child is able to attend school
Places that a parent needs to go to renew / apply for a student pass is denoted by purple stars

Source of Information

The above information was provided by Sheena, a Malaysian mother of a non-citizen child, through a story that was originally published in Parents Avenue (now deleted). We reproduce the article here:

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