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Sabrina Aripen


Sabrina holds a Masters degree in Accounting and Finance, but her passion has always been in social justice issues. Through formal and volunteer work, she has accumulated a total of 11 years working on gender issues.

In recognition of her outstanding work, she was awarded the Community Achievement Award 2018 by the Malaysian Australian Alumni Council and Outstanding Young Alumni 2019 by Griffith Business School.

Sabrina is currently pursuing a PhD in Humanities at Universiti Malaya

Robert Nicholas Hii

Vice President

Robert is a Mechanical Engineer by trade, water expert, and a proponent of social justice. He has been involved in activism and grassroots politics in Canada and here at home in Malaysia.

Mahsuri Dicky

Honorary Secretary

A founding member of SERATA, Mahsuri recently graduated with Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from UiTM Shah Alam. Her budding interest in gender issues and community development activities led her to volunteering for SERATA.

Tan Teik Jiao

Honorary Treasurer

Teik Jiao is an IT Analyst in a Financial Institution.

He was a Debater that represented his university during his tertiary education & decided to get more involved in activism rather than talking about issues in tournaments only.

Since then he had been actively involved in social justice issue through formal and volunteer work.

Dr Farhana Abdul Fatah

Committee Member - Education & Programmes

Dr. Farhana is an academic whose interests explore the intersections of language and identity, with gender, race, and religion. She holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from University of Warwick.

She joined SERATA in the hope to make theoretical knowledge impactful through real-life practice, and activism.

Dr Sylvia Lim Sze Wei

Committee Member - Membership & Public Relations

A dentist by profession, Dr Sylvia is a founding member of SERATA as she strongly believes in gender equality.

Hasanal Hassan Alban

Founding Member

A founding member of SERATA, Hasanal, or more fondly known as Coach Bon, is a fitness coach as well as a dedicated father and husband. He is a staunch supporter of sharing responsibilities in the home, and was one of the featured fathers in SERATA’s “Celebrating Fatherhood” campaign.

Shaznieffah Zakaria Edris

Founding Member

A founding member of SERATA, Shaz is a powerhouse – she is a business owner, fitness coach and property negotiator. She strongly believes in gender equality and champions women empowerment.

Mary Anne Baltazar

Founding Member

With us since our founding, Anne worked for 8 years with an international nonprofit dealing with marginalized women and children. Anne is dedicated to improving the lives of migrants, especially children who have little or no access to education and healthcare. She was awarded the Top Outstanding Young Persons of Sabah 2016 for her contribution to Children, World Peace or Human Rights by JCI Kota Kinabalu.

Stephie Joseph Benedict

Founding Member

Stephie holds a Masters in Art & Design and is one of the founding members of SERATA. She has significant experience in working with an international nonprofit that deals with marginalized women and children.

Kenneth Tan

Founding Member

Although Kenneth has relocated to the States, he was fundamental to the founding of SERATA. A champion of involved fatherhood, he was one of the fathers featured in SERATA’s “Celebrating Fatherhood” campaign.

Nicole Wee

Ordinary Member

Nicole is a seasoned Communications Strategist and has won Silver for Public Affairs in MPRA 2016. She believes in gender equality, particularly passionate about bridging gender pay gaps and merit-based employability. This conviction derives from her first-hand experience of how corporate companies consciously find excuses to not advance women with motherhood.

Nicole joined SERATA in hopes to alleviate these issues from every corner of the corporate scene and give Power Moms a chance to keep rising, breaking the glass ceilings for generations to come.